Show Preview: Surrealist Film Night at Valentine’s: Films by Man Ray & Music by Moongriffin & Bernstein

on April 8, 2015

Tomorrow night Valentine’s is hosting one of the more intriguing events to pop up on my show calendar in a while; a “Surrealist Film Night” featuring the work of filmmaker Man Ray soundtracked by local multi-instrumentalist Moongriffin (Elliot Ross) and saxophonist Noah Bernstein (who also plays with Shy Girls).  Ray was an integral part of both the Dada and Surrealist movements, was very ahead of his time behind the camera and collaborated with the likes of Salvador Dali , so to say his work is experimental is a bit of an understatement.

The duo of Moongriffin and Bernstein are the perfect pair to score such an event, as the two absurdly talented players specialize in creating soundscapes so ominously intriguing they tell a story all their own. Watching them perform late last year I actually said to a friend that their music sounds like it would fit right in one of Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch’s eerie film scores.

Adding to the anticipation level for the evening is the fact that Moongriffin’s debut record Glimpse Of Future drops May 9th via local imprint Cartilage Osseux Records, and will be the label’s flagship release.  I received an advance copy (on tasty green vinyl no less) of the record and was immediately drawn in by the enthralling record’s depth. Beyond all the musical talent in the room, A/V artist Mike Gamble will be providing visuals and ensuring the night is as mind-blowingly out there as possible.

I highly suggest imbibing in some of your favorite substance and getting weird at Valentines tomorrow night (4/9), admission is free, donations are appreciated.

Donovan Farley 


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