“Longwave” by Bonny Doon

on March 5, 2018

Detroit’s Bonny Doon have made it to the sophomore level with their upcoming release, Longwave, out this month via Woodsist Records. The four-piece pick up right where they left off from their self-titled debut album, and that comfortably carries the lo-fi, downtempo indie rock torch–and does it well. Fans of bands like Silver Jews, Nap Eyes or much of the Woodsist roster for that matter will happily take notice because it’s an entirely-solid, bare bones kind of musical journey.

Stand-out tracks on the album include lead single “I Am Here (I Am Alive),” with a sweet, strolling guitar melody that’s an almost poetic conversation of its own, and the self-reflecting lyrics “Time, feel like I’m wasting time / Just wanna be where I’m going.” Another strong showing on the album is the track “A Lotta Things,” which highlights the band’s truth in heartfelt songwriting, moving lyricism and their strength with guitar work that takes you right up to the finish (or wherever it is you were going). Longwave is an album I would take on a road trip in the spring, evocative of introspection and new horizons.

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