PWRHAUS’ Self-titled EP Review

on February 3, 2017

pwrhaus album

PWRHAUS has flown under the radar for a while now, and its frontman, the self-proclaimed hermit Anthony Thomas Schatz (aka Tonality Star), probably likes it that way. This new self-titled EP might change things for him though. He’s created a collection of gorgeously soulful songs that borrows some old-fashioned tones but is very much modern, and even ahead of its time, in sonic quality.

The plaintive horns, the smooth vocal affect and atmospheric production all bolster an elaborate array of songs. They feel very much alike, but add up to a neo-soul masterpiece. All six songs flow naturally into each other. It starts with the velvety smooth opener “Got You On My Mind,” which layers upon itself until it reaches a wonderfully pleasant pace. “Set On You” feels like it’s cushioned by an all-knowing warm pink fuzz (possibly Prince). This chilled-out vibe remains throughout the album, with the one exception being “Heartbeat,” with its heavy beat and infectious groove that will snap you out of a peaceful, dreamlike state. “I’ll Never Let You Go” starts with some mellow, melancholy horns that mesh beautifully with the layered vocals, gradually leading into a more light-hearted melody.

While it may be true that most bands are best experienced live, PWRHAUS can be enjoyed from the comforts of your couch, or on the dancefloor with hundreds of people on the same cosmic wavelength.»

-Scott McHale

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