on January 7, 2015
Photo by Chad Kamenshine

Photo by Chad Kamenshine

With an eclectic mix of R&B and electronic dance music, the Brooklyn duo of Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett really put the chocolate in the peanut butter. The melding of these two minds combine to form one of those great, “who woulda thunk it?” moments in history.

In a world where most electronic music can sound easy to make, Beacon has a rare talent of showcasing just how difficult it can be. There is a fine balance between a robust, complicated sound and a convoluted mess, and Gosset struts this thin line like it’s a double-wide sidewalk. The polished machinery of the severe synth versus Mullarney’s dark lyrical romance make for a fierce combination.

Their latest, five song album, L1, is a revelation. It is not your run of the mill hype mix, but it will get you going pre or post party. Mullarney’s ghostly wavering will lull you almost asleep, while Gossett’s producing will blast you awake. It’s like a prescription drug with side effects that include drowsiness and insomnia. The album has a total theme of optimistic darkness. It gives one the feel that even though things may be terrible, they may not be as bad as they seem.

Beacon is a band that is worthy of giving the old college try. I would say that they might surprise you, but if you read this write-up, they really shouldn’t. »

– Aaron Mills

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