on November 6, 2015
Photo by Ford Fairchild

Photo by Ford Fairchild

Cherub has successfully captured the hearts of every 20-something who has come across their music over the past few years. Ever-entertaining lyrics about love, lust, and drugs accompany a modern take on ’80s fueled electro-pop with heavy funk influence across their discography. Their recent success is a result of a snowball effect from a couple of incredibly catchy singles, starting with “Doses & Mimosas” off their 2012 album MoM & DaD, and “Jazzercise ‘95” off their 2013 EP 100 Bottles. “Doses & Mimosas” caught a second wave of followers after being re-released as a single to their 2014 major label debut on Columbia Records Year of the Caprese.

The duo behind the music that demands you bounce around are Tennessee natives Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber. This is DIY at its finest, as the two of them met in college at Middle Tennessee State University, where they both studied music production. I feel one of the reasons we 20-somethings are so enamored with Cherub is because of their humble beginnings. They come across in both their interviews and their music as if they’re just as surprised to be where they are as any of us would be.

The music both embraces and satirizes the party culture among young adults. They put themselves out there in the music with songs that detail the feelings of those fighting through the middle years between young and old. One song explains that they’re less afraid of immediate rejection than a failed long term relationship, while another bounces back and we hear Cherub question their experiences with strippers (“Is this love, or am I drunk?”). It’s the playfulness of the music, the tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and the genuineness of this duo that draws you in, and when you’re hurt over an ex, or stressed about work, you can do what Cherub suggests, and deal with it over some doses and mimosas. »

– Tyler Sanford

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