Margaret Glaspy

on July 5, 2016
photo by Ebru Yilidz

photo by Ebru Yilidz

I can’t quite figure out who Margaret Glaspy could be likened to. Upon first listen, I thought maybe Julie Doiron? Natalie Merchant? But then I stopped with the comparisons when I realized she’s an artist doing her own thing with a definite indie pop feel. The singer might be a young woman, but has a lifetime of things to say. Take one listen to her recently released first full album, Emotions and Math, and you’ll be left imagining the details of what happened to her in life thus far to produce this kind of artistic expression. Her unpretentious vocals pull you in for story time that flows from song to song. On “You and I” she wrecks someone with the lyrics, “You and I have been a mistake/I let it linger too long…”

It’s hard to imagine what her music would sound like if she were to become blissfully happy. Until that happens we will continue to get these amazing albums, chock full of verbiage so intense, so accurate, you can’t help but relate to these feelings that most of us will experience in our lifetimes. What makes it relatable is her constant flipflopping that captures the pain and confusion happening inside.

Glaspy’s music is best listened to in the most intimate of settings, e.g. a bonfire in your hipster friend’s backyard, or the coffee shop on your gentrified block. She looks and sounds like the roommate you had that walked around the house singing all the time, but you didn’t mind and it was totally cool. What adds to her appeal even more is the fact that she’s a college dropout who took initiative and persevered to stay true to her path. Tenacity. Yet another thing many of us can relate to. While the multi-instrumentalist is currently killing it, her music still has space for new sounds, and new feels. Keep an eye on Glaspy for your future emo indie needs. »

– Kelly Kovl

Find tickets to Glaspy’s July 12 show at Mississippi Studios here.

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