Split Single

on February 4, 2017
photo by James Richards IV

photo by James Richards IV

Jason Narducy pretty much lived out every rebellious kid’s dream, forming his first band, Verböten, at the humble age of 11. Transfixed and inspired by the message and energy of punk rock — and bands from his native Chicago, like Misfits, Sex Pistols and Circle Jerks — he grew to become a pre-teen sensation in the city’s punk scene.

These days, Narducy fronts Split Single and graces listeners with a dose of modern power pop. Formed in 2012, Split Single released its sophomore album Metal Frames last November. Besides an epic resumé, high praise for Narducy’s work has been given by many iconic artists, including Dave Grohl. He also dabbled in numerous bands at the height of ‘90s alternative rock, contributing backing vocals and bass for Telekinesis, Superchunk, Mould, and Pollard.

Split Single is a reflection of Narducy’s evolution as a punk artist in the modern era. The band presents a clean, polished sound with crisp guitar and smooth vocals, yet still possess that classic, gritty, garage edge. Metal Frames takes the listener to a melancholy, but poppy place with consistent moody melodies balanced out by upbeat instrumentals. Narducy’s sheer skill and constant emphasis on collaboration proves to be Split Single’s biggest strength.»

-Kelsey Rzepecki

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