Teen Men

on June 1, 2015
Photo by Jessica Scarane

Photo by Jessica Scarane

There’s something about the Northeast and how it’s able to produce countless bands that just do the whole bedroom pop, and indie-synth so right–See, Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah, Ghost Hotel, and Raindeer.

Teen Men, a Delaware-based four piece group, is no exception. The band is comprised of two musicians, Nick Krill and Joe Hobson (members of the Spinto Band), and two visual artists Albert Birney and Catherine Maloney, and they result in a perfectly ambitious mixture of melodic textures. Their music is simple, but well constructed. They have tunefully bizarre melodies that are executed through original guitar riffs, synthesizers, and vocals–all of which are complimented with ambient and evocative atmospheric electronics.

The band took their name from the term “teen men” which was highlighted in a 1960’s Playboy issue that described having the mindset of “taking risks, irrational self-confidence, and the search for new experiences,” and it’s a description which corresponds to the group of four all too well. The band is experimental, expansive, and take bedroom and indie-pop to a whole new level. Their shimmering guitars take form over varying organic drumbeats and electronic-based rhythms, and the result is intoxicating.

Teen Men’s artistic identity is the most important thing to them, and is what gives them their own unique style and creative approach. The relationship between musicians and artists creates an ability to bring visual elements into their music. The band is known for the otherworldly performances; playing alongside homemade interactive videos that are synchronized to their music. They draw their inspiration from visual art, and the videos provide platforms for them to jump off of.

Their latest and self-titled album was recorded at The Garden Center and Paper Lab Recording Studios in Delaware and was devised, mixed and produced by band member Nick Krill. It’s set to be released on CD and Digitally June 9 and on LP vinyl July 14 on the Bar/None label, and it’s one you wont want to miss. »

Teen Men plays live in Portland June 19 at Mississippi Studios

– Samantha Lopez

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