Video Premiere: Laura Palmer’s Death Parade – “Summer Letters”

on November 3, 2016
photo by Sam Gehrke

photo by Sam Gehrke

Under the Twin Peaks-themed moniker Laura Palmer’s Death Parade, Laura Hopkins croons gorgeous and melancholic songs of love and heartache. The timbre of her voice flutters between a sultry contralto and delicate mezzo-soprano, channeling the likes of Lana Del Rey or Bethany Cosentino (Best Coast). Beyond her mesmerizing vocals, Hopkins also wields a mastery of the guitar, playing in a classical/folk styling, backed by her band of Ben Johnson on drums and Fredrick Ernest on bass.

Eleven PDX is pleased to premiere LPDP’s brand new music video for the 2015 single “Summer Letters,” filmed by Taylor Clarke and Erinn Gragson and edited by Gragson. The video shows Hopkins slowly awakening to the struggles of a new day, while slipping in and out of a dreamlike state. Adorned in pagan attire, she and two other women carelessly drink wine, run and dance in a field.

Catch Laura Palmer’s Death Parade live at Mississippi Studios on Saturday. LPDP and Mascaras are supporting Genders at their Phone Home EP release party.»

– Travis Leipzig

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