Tanlines w/ Rewards @ Doug Fir Lounge 04/25/2012

In recent months Tanlines have been seen a lot of places. They snagged on a slew of song/album/band-of-the-weeks across the independent music blogosphere, landed a spot in the pages of The New York Times and even grazed the Billboard album charts. Since last month’s release of their second album Mixed Emotions there’s a high probability they’ve crossed your path.

Though their sound is nothing unique, a faultless mixture of international beats and pop choruses is what makes Tanlines so charming. Their vibe deviates between easy listening melodies and tropical soundscapes. It’s simple lyrics and guitar topped off with the kind of eclectic, organic percussion you can only expect from talented producers. Mixed Emotions is calm and collective while simultaneously energetic and colorful—and that’s one way to describe last night’s show at the Doug Fir.


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