on October 1, 2014


Duologue, a five-piece British band that began as frontmen Tim Digby-Bell and Toby Leeming’s bedroom project recently released their new record Never Get Lost. The first thing that strikes one about Never Get Lost is the enormous step forward it represents when compared with their debut, Song & Dance—a welcome change that is no doubt due to the fact that Duologue chose to produce Never Get Lost completely on their own. Song & Dance was not a bad album per se, but the dismal string arrangements and the inevitable minor piano chords felt forced and bland. Perhaps it was the result of an outside influence’s attempt to make the band more palatable.

The new record sees them moving more into their element. Duologue are not necessarily innovative, as they seem to take more than a few cues from Atoms for Peace. One is tempted to think of them as a more angular, glitchy Coldplay. Digby-Bell’s keening vocals give the music something familiar to hold onto. However, the star of the show is no doubt Toby Leeming’s dynamic, lush programming. Violinst Seb Dilleyston, guitarist Toby Lee, and bassist Ross Stone shine in the live setting, though on the new record their presence is a bit subdued. From a generation of bands already deeply influenced by later Radiohead, Duologue are certainly one of the most interesting. »

– Matthew Sweeney

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