The Best 11 Local Releases of 2016

on December 8, 2016

2016 was a motherfucker. The world lost more than its fair share of cultural heroes. Evil and ignorance trumped sanity, as America elected to uphold the narrative of Idiocracy. The internet and mass media in general became an echo chamber of misinformation, and society’s empathy and perseverance were tested almost daily through acts of hatred fueled by systematic racism, sexism and xenophobia.

But we march on, clinging to any glimmers of hope. For some, that hope is found in a revitalized social unity — people coming together to stand up for what’s right. For others, hope lives in the prospect of future music, art and other creative and expressive ways to address societal cancers. And in that light, looking back on 2016, there’s a lot we can be thankful for: small victories in a greater battle for a better tomorrow.

With gratitude in mind, here’s a list of our 11 favorite local releases of 2016. Thank you for helping us continue to look ahead.»

– Travis Leipzig

Portland’s 11 Best Albums of 2016

11. Little Star – Being Close


Good Cheer Records
January 2016
Full review here.

10. Tender Age – Disappear Here


SINIS Recordings
March 2016
Full review here.

9. bed. – Klickitat 

"For the garage-rock lover, the level of fuzz is a soothing hum, and with lyrics like “I wanna stay inside/ I wanna stay inside,” on EP highlight “Boys,” it’s difficult not to consider the suggestion."

Bug Hunt Records
June 2016
Full review here

8. Mic Capes – Concrete Dreams


September 2016
Full review here

7. Animal Eyes – Where We Go


May 2016
Full review here.

6. Candace – New Future


Found Object Recordings
March 2016
Full review here.

 5. Genders – Phone Home


November 2016
Full review here.

4. Y La Bamba – Ojos Del Sol


Tender Loving Empire
September 2016
Full review here.

3. Minden – Sweet, Simple Things


Hit City USA
August 2016
Full review here.

2. Sun Angle – Skullflower


XRAY Records
October 2016
Full review here.

1. Radiation City – Synesthetica


Polyvinyl Records
February 2016
Full review here.

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