Premiere: “Away From My Big City Dreams” – The Lonesome Billies

on September 24, 2018

The Lonesome Billies’ Clayton  McCune (aka Ornery  Bill) tells a story about their new track… “Away  From  My  Big  City  Dreams  is  a  well  traveled  road  literally  and  figuratively,  a  theme  sown  across  not  only  country  and  American  roots  music,  but  across  our  culture  as  a  whole,  which  is  no  real  surprise.  It’s  a  return  to  fresh  air  and  humble  beginnings;  before  iPhones  ruled  the  earth.  We  all  have  our  own  story  that  relates  to  thisin  one  way  or  another,  which  is  how  this  song  came  to  be.  The  best  songs  sort  of  just  write  themselves,  you  know?  And  this  song  was  as  quick  to  wrap  up  as  it  was  to  get  started,  took  us  all  of  30  minutes  or  so.  I  walked  in  door  with  a  verse,  Mikey  (William  Surly)  had  a  melody  and  a  chorus,  and  Jeff  (Gator  Bill)  had  another  verse.  Turns  out  we  were  all  in  different  stages  of  writing  the  same  damn  song.  We  released  it  into  the  wild  a  few  days  later  at  a  show.  Since  then  its  been  a  mainstay  in  our  set.”

ELEVEN PDX is pleased to debut the studio version of “Away From My Big City Dreams” below.

Portlanders will have the opportunity to hear this track and many more at The Lonesome Billies 8th Annual Family Tradition Potluck & Musical Extravaganza – a potent mixture of family, friends, food and music accompanied by a live auction to raise money for their 2nd full-length LP  with a portion of the proceeds to benefit local nonprofit My Voice Music.  (Over the last 6 years, Family Tradition has raised over $40k for MVM.)

Head over to The North Warehouse (723 N. Tillamook St) this Saturday 9/29 at 5pm – this year’s All-Ages event is sure to kick up some dust.  

(Click here for FB event page.)

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