Video Premiere: The WILD BODY – “BIG IDEA”

on February 3, 2019

The WILD BODY are wild children by nature, particularly in new video, “BIG IDEA”. Wigs on, instruments in the yard, they dance and move in a goofy, slightly manic craze. It checks out, since Michael Eff says the band draws inspiration everywhere from Talking Heads to Gang of Four to Frank Zappa.

The post-punky psych art trio are deep rooted in widespread musical and political inspiration. (Made up of members of Bitch’n, Boink!, Down North, and Wet Fruit), Michael Eff, Rebecca Rassmussen, and Nicholas Quiller are wildly passionate about music and the power songs have to send a message.

This video serves as a visual aid for a cultural state of mind. The song itself is about growing up in a Capitalist world, molding youth for financial gain. There is a level of absurdity and chaos that comes from eventually realizing these subliminal messages, leaving us all wondering, “Hey, what’s the big idea!” The WILD BODY embodies this chaos, holding on for dear life and laughing along the way.

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