Video Premiere: Laura Palmer’s DEATH PARADE “Heartbeats Dancing”

on July 19, 2019

“Heartbeats Dancing,” the new video from Laura Palmer’s DEATH PARADE (produced by New Move Media alongside the release of their compilation album “Paradise Hotel”) is a lazy motorcycle ride through a strange cemetery, whose grass and trees hum with an ultraviolet glow. Laura Hopkins, leader and partial namesake, is the one doing the swerving astride a vintage Honda, singing about love’s quiet fading and the ever-present urge to try again. In true Lynchian fashion, “Heartbeats Dancing” is a song defined by what is now absent, and like the famously murdered Laura Palmer of Twin Peaks. Here, death seems less a finality and more a starting point, a patch of fertile soil from which something painfully and vibrantly beautiful might grow.

“Heartbeats Dancing” is the band’s contribution to New Move Media’s upcoming collaborative album, Paradise Hotel, which features a variety of Portland artists. Laura Palmer’s DEATH PARADE, with Laura Hopkins on guitar a vocals alongside the full band consisting of Eirinn Gragson on keys/vocals, Ben Johnson on drums, and Danny Metclafe on bass, will be playing alongside Aan and Michael Finn at Mississippi Studios on July 24th, as part of a two-night record release event. Check out the video below, and get tickets to the show here.

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