Album Review: Starcrawler “Devour You”

on October 3, 2019

Starcrawler is an LA-band comprised of four young (recently graduated high school) showmasters. Despite their age, they are set to release their much anticipated second album, Devour You. Following last year’s self-titled album, this one gives listeners another round of lead singer Arrow de Wilde’s punk revival ammo. Devour You successfully captures what their live show sounds and looks wild, unpredictable and loud. It appears to be a kind of kitschy take on punk and de Wilde is in fact wild. No one goes to a show and thinks they’re going to get a mouthful of fake blood spat in their face by the singer on stage—but sure enough, she’ll getcha!

Thirteen tracks feature clean instrumentals on short tracks that manage to retain the essence of ‘70s punk meets indie vibe. Perhaps lyrically a little unextraordinary, they find redemption in pure angst, energy and talent. First single “Bet My Brains” sets the stage for mayhem with a catchy anthem tune, while “Toy Teenager” sounds like an elementary school recess meets obnoxious ruckus. This band feels like an old soul, with the urgency, thrashing and seemingly easy ability to control the chaos of their instruments makes Devour You an anchor in new pop-punk.

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