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Eleven is the definitive source for learning about new local and national music, getting the inside scoop on your favorite bands, and finding great concerts in our awesome city of Portland. Established in 2006 by students at Washington University in St. Louis, we are proud to announce our expansion to all college campuses, venues, record stores, and many other locations in the Portland metropolitan area.

Currently, Eleven is the biggest collaborative effort in Portland to unite and rally college students and readers of all ages to explore their musical tastes and adventure out into their city.  We aim to permanently affix Portland on the national music map – one happy iPod-toting, concert-attending, city-conscious music enthusiast at a time.

Eleven’s not just written for college students and young professionals, it’s written by them too.  And not just by journalists, but by music fans of all backgrounds.  Our staff has unrivaled exposure to the inner workings of a legitimate publication – often in marketing, photography, promotion, advertising, and design, in addition to writing and content creation.  With so many opportunities to get involved, signing up with Eleven may be one of the most fun decisions you’ll make in Portland.

We are looking forward to getting to know all of you, and we invite you to get involved with Eleven. You can find a new issue in your area around the beginning of every month … except January (it’s cold). If you want to say hi, just email or facebook us.