What’s Going On: 04/16 – 04/23

April 16th
11:11 am

1. Goat w/ Holy Wave
Where: Wonder Ballroom
How Much: $20
When: Wednesday, April 16th – 8pm
Why: Swedish psychedelic collective, Goat, is kind of the whole package when it comes to their live performance. One of the highlights of Austin Psych Fest last year, from their elaborate costumes they wear to the experimental fusion they play. Currently on tour with Austin’s Holy Wave, a psych-pop rock’n'roll outfit, prepare for liftoff.

2. Wild Ones w/ Summer Cannibals & TeenSpot
Where: Doug Fir
How Much: $10/$12
When: Saturday, April 19th – 9pm
Why: My oh my, what a billing! With a penchant for catchy indie-rock tunes, Wild Ones never disappoint. Joining them are Summer Cannibals, a strong contender for best new band with their straight up and down rock’n'roll and TeenSpot, the power-punk supergroup featuring members of Your Rival, Spookies, the Shaky Hands, and Paper Brain.

3. Cosmonauts w/ Wooden Indian Burial Ground
Where: The Know
How Much: $5
When: Sunday, April 20th – 8pm
Why: Hailing from Orange County, although these dudes are laid back, their shows are anything but. Surf-psychedelia with a garage-punk attitude, Cosmonauts  put on fun, energetic shows that will leave you looking like a hot mess with a stupid grin on  your face. Who knows, you might even see the Easter bunny there!


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Chromeo @ Roseland Theater 4/14/2014

April 15th
11:46 pm

The last time I saw Chromeo, I was still recovering from having my wisdom teeth surgically removed, but I still forced myself to go to the show because I never want to miss this band play live….ever even if it means waking up early at Sasquatch and making the trek in at 10am to watch this band play at 11 in the morning. This time was a lot less painful and a whole hell of a lot more dancing and less jaw throbbing. The show opened up with TOKIMONSTA who warmed the crowd up and had the crowd dancing in no time. The set up for Chromeo involved a lot of flood lights, the classic leg keyboard stands, and a full mirrored chrome selfie tempting backdrop. The fans waited excitedly and started the “Chromeo oh ohh” chant and then the fun really started with a setlist that included “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” a new song that will be coming out on their latest album White Women in May as well as favorites from 7 years ago like “Bonafied Lovin” as well as a great assortment of songs from Business Casual. They also played “Needy Girl” for everyone that has been supporting the band for the past 11 years. The sold out crowd and at capacity balcony bar turned into a funklordz dance party for the night  and it was pretty awesome, so awesome that people kept dancing as the floor lights came up and the show was over.


Photos by Kimberly Lawson. More on Flickr.

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What’s Going On: 04/09 – 04/16

April 9th
11:11 am


1. Temples w/ Drowners
Where: Star Theater
How Much: $13
When: Thursday, April 10th – 9pm
Why: There are a ton of great acts playing this year’s Soul’d Out Music Festival, and we highly recommend checking out as much of it as you can! In its short existence, British psych band, Temples, have been one of the most talked about bands from across the pond. Come see what all the fuss is about – you won’t be disappointed!

2. Aan w/ Ghost To Falco & Dragging an Ox through Water
Where: Bunk Bar
How Much: $5/$7
When: Friday, April 11th – 9pm
Why: Album release show! In celebration of Ghost To Falco’s fourth album, Soft Shield, the band will be playing the entire album which will include all the instrumentation! Get there early for Dragging an Ox through Water, playing new tunes from their latest album, Panic Sentry. Capping off the night will be Aan, fresh off a month-long tour!

3. Big Black Cloud w/ Destruction Unit, CCR Headcleaner & Unifried
Where: The Know
How Much: $5
When: Monday, April 14th – 8pm
Why: Pro tip: get there early. This show is gaining hype by the minute and you won’t want to be left in the dust! A mere five bucks gets you in the door for an outrageously rockin night with Big Black Cloud, Destruction Unit, CCR Headcleaner, and Unifried!

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The Neighbourhood + Kitten @ Roseland Theater 4/3/2014

April 5th
10:46 pm

As soon as I got into the Roseland I could hear the music pumping out over the speakers and knew that it was going to be a great night. This tour did it right by opening up with Born Casual, a DJ from Rhode Island, who energized the crowd immediately with everything from Backstreet Boys to the latest Beyonce hits. I would basically be cool with Born Casual DJ’ing my life for me (I mean I even saw security guards getting into it…arms flailing) .

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Interview: A Tribe Called Red

April 3rd
1:42 pm

Photo Credit: Pat Bolduc

A Tribe Called Red’s three DJ’s Ian “NDN” Campeau, Dan “Shub” General, and Bear Witness throw an electric powwow for all cultures. Their music has fired up conversations about indigenous issues inside many media circuits, and they recently won big at the Juno Awards, taking home the award for Breakthrough Group of the year.  In their acceptance speech DJ NDN (accompanied by DJ Shub and Bear Witness) delivered an inspirational message to First Nations  youth: “… know that this moment is proof that whatever goals you strive for in life, they’re completely attainable! Aim High!”


Their vivid show displays the group’s aboriginal experience from an urban standpoint, mixing traditional dance, drumming, and chanting with  dub-step and overlapping beats. We got to talk  to DJ NDN about starting this epic dance party back home in Ottawa, finding long lost recordings of distant relatives, and travelling abroad.


11: So how is your day going? 

Ian: It’s great. I am home for the week before starting the tour. I’m getting to spend some time with my family.


11: I felt pretty confident when I began to write about you. But as i got further into it i realized a lot of terms used to describe ethnicity in native cultures are totally different regionally. Such as in the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the U.S. it’s normal to say Native American, but  I found the terms Aboriginal and First Nations are used to describe the people of Ottawa. 


Ian: For us, First Nations is typically used .

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Bring Me The Horizon @ Roseland Theater 3/26/2014

April 2nd
12:09 am


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Against Me! @ Hawthorne Theatre 3/24/2014

March 28th
11:56 am

Laura Jane Grace, vocalist and guitarist of Against Me!, looks happier than ever and she has a handful of pretty damn good reasons to. Their latest album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, was released to great acclaim earlier this year and most of their current tour is sold out. Not to mention two years after very bravely starting the public transition to living as a woman, Grace seems to have renewed energy and the passion of someone who gets to stand on stage every night and take part in a very important conversation on acceptance, on bravery, on community, and on Trans* issues.

Against Me! plays the sort of snarling rock that incites a shaken fist—over their seventeen year career they’ve gone from Florida basements to huge, swelling rooms, but somehow have managed to retain an audacity and attitude that has kept much of their fan base around. With such an ample back catalogue, the band has a lot of ground to cover during live shows, but managed to sweep the gamut of their discography and still play a handful of songs from Transgender Dysphoria Blues; they opened with “FUCKMYLIFE666” and scattered other new songs like “Black Me Out,” “Unconditional Love” and “True Trans Soul Rebel” throughout the set. Read More »

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What’s Going On: 03/26 – 04/02

March 26th
11:11 am

1. Milagres w/ The Family Crest
Where: Bunk Bar
How Much: $10
When: Wednesday, March 26th – 9pm
Why: The Brooklyn-based band is back and ready to show off their sophomore album, Violent Light! If you dug on 2010′s Glowing Mouth, the follow-up surely will not disappoint. Feast your eyes on their brand spankin’ new video for “Jeweled Cave”.

2. Still Caves w/ Hooded Hags & Friendship Camp
Where: Firkin Tavern
How Much: $5
When: Friday, March 28th – 9pm
Why: MotherFirkin Fridays at the Firkin Tavern have yet to disappoint and this week’s no different. Neurosound Booking Showcase has got a nice little line-up for you featuring Still Caves, Hooded Hags, and Friendship Camp.

3. Black Lips w/ Coathangers & Summer Cannibals
Where: Hawthorne Theater
How Much: $16/$20
When: Saturday, March 29th – 9pm
Why: The boys are back and better than ever! Grab some friends and get ready to dance your collective butts off! The Atlanta quartet released their seventh studio album last month, Underneath the Rainbow. Check out their latest single, “Justice After All”.

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What’s Going On: 03/19 – 03/26

March 19th
11:11 am

1. Genders w/ Still Caves & New Move
Where: Holocene
How Much: $6
When: Wednesday, March 19th – 9pm
Why: Come hang out and bid  Genders a fond farewell as they kickoff their Spring tour at Holocene! If you have yet to experience this up-and-coming Portland four piece live, you’re in for a treat! Still Caves and New Move open.

2. Skaters w/ Team Spirit & Settlers
Where: Mississippi Studios
How Much: $12
When: Friday, March 21st – 9pm
Why: After a slew of shows at SXSW, the Big Apple’s Skaters coast into town to play their brand of self-described “humblecore”. With influences like Pixies, Ramones, and The Clash how could you go wrong? Check out their debut album, Manhattan, and then check out the show!

3. Warm Soda w/ Big Tits
Where: Star Bar
How Much: Free!
When: Sunday, March 23rd – 9pm
Why: Matthew Melton is back in Portland to support the sophomore album from his latest outfit, Warm Soda. If you were a fan of Bare Wires, you’ll guzzle up the sugary power-pop tunes Melton has to offer. Plus, the show is free so no excuses!

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Giveaway! : Battleme

March 15th
12:29 am

We’ve got a giveaway for you featuring Battleme who happen to be playing at the Wonder Ballroom on 3/25/2014.

The prize pack includes: a bottle opener [not pictured], “Weight on the Brain” EP Vinyl and CD, and  a T-Shirt!

Take a listen below and be sure to enter the giveaway! All we ask is that you do one or more of the following:

- Comment on this post on our site

- Follow us on Twitter @elevenpdx and Tweet us something along the lines of: “I wanna win the @battleme giveaway @elevenpdx!” and/or RT the post we tweet about the giveaway

- Like us on Facebook and look for the post about this giveaway and like and comment on it.


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