Festival Preview: Pickathon 2014

July 29th
2:56 pm

Dust off your tent, Pickathon is here!

Entering its 15th year, the three day festival is known near and far as a kick ass time with a conscience. Taking place in Happy Valley at the stunning Pendarvis Farm, Pickathon is the only large festival that aims to reduce waste through the avoidance of plastic and single use dishware while providing an awesome stainless steel souvenir cup.

The largely volunteer driven weekend is not only environmentally friendly, but offers a great family experience. This year’s lineup lives up to Pickathon’s exceptional booking reputation of highlighting local, national and international acts.

Bands play not one set, but two, in order to assure that you never have to miss your favorite show. The genres are also diverse. You can find yourself shoving your neighbor at a punk show in a barn or sitting on a bale of hay listening to your favorite folk artist. The lineup is incredible from head to toe.

What do Parquet Courts, Courtney Barnett, Warpaint, The War On Drugs, Mac Demarco, Destroyer, Angel Olsen, Marco Benevento, Mikal Cronin, The Donkeys, and Quilt have in common? They’re eleven of ELEVEN’s must-see shows at Pickathon 2014!

Words [mostly] by Liz Elder
Photo: Tim LaBarge

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ELEVEN PDX x Pickathon x Mississippi Studios: The Donkeys, The Moondoggies and Old Age

July 23rd
12:38 pm


Thursday 7/24, ELEVEN PDX x Pickathon x Mississippi Studios will be hosting a co-headline show: The Donkeys and The Moondoggies w/ opener Old Age, only $11 – Click below for the event page or get tix directly here:



The Donkeys: Scissor Me Cigs

The Moondoggies: Red Eye

Old Age: Wildfire (Album)

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A Sunny Day In Glasgow Interview + @ Mississippi Studios 7/13/2014

July 16th
5:36 pm

I showed up very early, around 7:20, at Mississippi Studios for my assignment. I had some beers  with my friend and photographer Ric and chatted until about 8:45, when we went in for what was going to end up being quite a fine show. Over the years, I’ve had some great times at Mississippi  Studios—granted, the crowd doesn’t usually dance, but this venue is the perfect example of how a small city like Portland can make itself into a hub for some of the best music and culture through sheer good taste and entrepreneurship.

Tender Age brought the night off to a good start: shimmering open chords and percussion, pretty background projections, and dancing, lots of dancing. One thing that entertained me a lot about this set was the fact that Tender Age invited a few of their friends to come onstage and dance for the first and last songs. Tender Age give off a very relaxed stage presence,  and their music has a dreamy languor that may be familiar to fans of fellow Portlander Valet.

Golden Retriever, one of my all-time favorite Portland bands, brought the house down with a semi-improvised set. A bass clarinet and synth duo, I daresay they are quite different from the two blurry-sounding pop groups they were sandwiched between! However, they brought an equal crowd of fans, playing in the center of the room rather than on the Mississippi stage. Golden Retriever are a powerhouse experimental outfit, towards the end of the set, Jonathan Sielaff’s booming notes were literally sending tremors through the crowd. As mentioned, they gave a semi-improvised set based on some composing done in their down-time—what is really special about this band is that whenever I have seen them, they have always tried to give a performance that was somehow unique to that setting. If you can, check out their newest album Seer, one of the best of the year in any genre.

Finally, A Sunny Day in Glasgow took the stage, beginning the set with the masterful “In Love with Useless (The Timeless Geometry In The Tradition Of Passing)” and the enormously catchy “ByeBye, Big Ocean (The End)”. As a live act, they kick up a cloud of beautiful noise like great dream pop and shoegazing bands should. It’s really in the live setting that you come to appreciate the strength of the melodies in this band’s songs, the interplay between vocalists Jen Goma and Annie Fredrickson was very graceful. At no point in their glittering set did their energy seem to lag, and vocalist Goma danced the whole night long. I was particularly impressed with the performance of their rather underrated bassist, Adam Herndon. His lines had an anchoring presence in the live setting that I had not noticed on record in the past. Interestingly, group leader Ben Daniels preferred to keep himself tucked in the back, out of the spotlight.

Most of their material came from Sea When Absent, but they occasionally reached into their catalogue for fine songs like “Drink Drank Drunk” and “Shy”. They dipped back onstage for one encore, leaving an adoring audience in the wake. A Sunny Day in Glasgow are a really fun live show, it was a great night of musical bliss and almost non-stop dancing. Check Sea When Absent out soon, another sleeper classic to-be from this year.


Check out the interview after the cut:

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What’s Going On: 07/02 – 07/09

July 2nd
6:34 pm

1. The Notwist, Jel
Where: Wonder Ballroom
How Much: $18/20
When: Thursday, July 3rd – 8pm
Why: After disappearing for years, German-based The Notwist is making a rare Portland stop backing their latest album, Close To The Glass. The long awaited tunes are up to snuff with their “old” electronic indie dance-grooves.

2. 4th of July aka Freedom Day
Where: Everywhere
How Much: $FREE
When: Friday, July 4th
Why: Because AMERICA!

2b. Free Shows Independence Day & Eve
Where: Dig A Pony
How Much: $FREE
When: Thursday, July 3 – Friday, July 4th
Why: (Thurs) Aan, Thanks, New Move, Strange Babes. (Fri) Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Summer Cannibals, Eyelids, Freaky Outty & Maxx Bass. You know why.

3. Phox, Joseph
Where: Mississippi Studios
How Much: $10/12
When: Saturday, July 5th – 9pm
Why: Phox’s sound, in the words of ELEVEN’s Eric Evans, “… can juxtapose dixieland with folk with heavy rock grooves. It careens from sound to sound, somehow balancing Mumfordy rock-folk elements, whistling, handclap percussion, and hints of ‘70s sitcom themes in harmony with Monica Martin’s breathy yet soulful vocals, which themselves flirt with comparison with everyone from Alison Krauss to Roberta Flack. This description might make it seem like a mess, but what they do sounds effortless, organic, singular, and new.

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Neon Trees + Smallpools @ Roseland Theater 6/9/2014

June 12th
1:09 pm



Photos by Kimberly Lawson. More photos from the Pop Psychology Tour available on Flickr.

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What’s Going On: 06/11 – 06/18

ELEVEN Upcoming
June 11th
11:11 am

Where: Holocene
How Much: $7
When: Friday, June 13th – 6pm
Why: Come hang out and help us celebrate 3 years as Portland’s music magazine as we launch into our 4th volume! For your eyes: a spectacular art show kicks off the evening from some of our favorite visual artists. For your ears: performances by local favs Blouse, Valet, and a DJ set with Soft Metals!

2. Nuggets Night!
Where: Slabtown
How Much: $8
When: Saturday, June 14th – 8pm
Why:  Nuggets Night began 7 years ago as a benefit show for Question Mark of ? and the Mysterians who lost his home to fire. The event has gone on to raise money for The Portland School of Rock, A.M.P., Ethos, Oregon Music Hall of Fame, etc. This year, Nuggets Night will benefit House of Sound, a member-supported internet broadcasting community.

3. The Lower 48 w/ Dude York & Fur Coats
Where: Rontoms
How Much: Free!
When: Sunday, June 15th – 8pm
Why: Inspired by 60s folk and pop, The Lower 48 features harmonies and lyricism of an era fondly remembered. With a killer male-female vocal combination (singer-songwriting duo of Ben Braden and Sarah Parson), the band aims for expanding their sound with new instrumental elements.

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What’s Going On: 06/04 – 06/11

June 5th
11:11 am

1. Alameda w/ Balto & Bevelers
Where: Mississippi Studios
How Much: $8
When: Thursday, June 5th – 8pm
Why: Banana Stand Media and Mississippi Studios presents Alameda record release show! Check out the video Banana Stand released featuring the chamber-folk group back in September of last year and then get yourself to this show! Portland-based Balto and Bevelers open.

2. Paul Collins Beat w/ Mean Jeans & The Cry
Where: East End
How Much: $8
When: Saturday, June 7th – 9pm
Why: Some say the King of Pop was Michael Jackson, I beg to differ. Paul Collins was around well before MJ and has been pushing out infectious pop songs since his days with The Nerves. Get ready to dance and sweat the night away with Paul Colins Beat - you might just surprise yourself with how many songs you’ll be singing along to!

3. EELS w/ Chelsea Wolfe 
Where: Aladdin Theater
How Much: $32.50/$35
When: Sunday, June 8th – 7pm
Why: EELS make their way through town in support of their eleventh studio album, The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett. Be sure to get their early for one of our generation’s timeless singer/songwriters, Chelsea Wolfe. Familiarize yourself with her melodic and atmospheric album, Pain is Beauty, you might just learn something about yourself.

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Born Cosmic @ Doug Fir 05/30/14

June 4th
6:45 pm

Portland’s newest dot on the radar, Born Cosmic, lit up the Doug Fir last Friday,  May 30th with a new sound that Portland has yet to experience. The five piece group lead by Cory Baker (vocals, instrumentalist ) and Torrey Robinson (vocals) laid down a selection of tracks that combined hip-hop and rock in a way that had the packed Doug Fir on their feet and gettin’ down for the entire 45 minute set.

With the help of Ricky Wilkins (guitar), Eric Fisher (bass) and Darrell George (drums), Born Cosmic put on a performance that Portland music lovers should definitely keep an eye out for. Be sure to catch their next show this Sunday, June 8th at Ash Street Saloon!


Words by Abby Stout

Photos by Mercy McNab

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The GOASST + Syd Arthur @ Mississippi Studios 5/24/2014

May 28th
10:28 am


The crowd at Mississippi Studios spanned listeners of many ages, some boasting how far they had travelled to see the evening’s psychedelic show. Two big names in the contemporary psych movement filled the house quickly.


The first act, Syd Arthur,  took the stage rather neatly and began to share music akin to jam-band meets prog rock with warm vocals and intricate arrangements.  If not familiar with this quartet from Canterbury, England,  it could be easy to assume that the front man, a lanky, long-haired  fellow in a woven bucket hat could be Syd. But this is not the case. Syd Arthur is all four fellows, the name venerating Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd and The Kinks album, Arthur. It is also a reference to Hermann Hesse’s  enlightening novel from the 1960’s, Siddhartha.  Say it with the English accent. Get it?

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Baths @ Rotture 5/17/14

May 20th
5:26 pm

Will Weisenfeld, better known as Baths, revisited Portland over the weekend,  this time playing inside an old warehouse in the industrial district of Southwest portland. Up a tall red-lit staircase you will find Rotture (Ro-Tur-ay),  a brick-lined bar with a balcony overlooking the city. Huge fans give a breeze in a space that can get packed quickly.


On this night the crowd was comfortable and chattering, enjoying the opening acts of P. Morris, and the intense tribal soul of Young Fathers. Tables had sprawling wires and soundboards, all of which Weisenfeld and his musi-tech accomplice Morgan Greenwood set up quickly, although there was a purse of the lips at the sight of a half a drink spilled on stage over the hook-ups. Read More »

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