Visual Arts

Portland ceramics artist Martina Thornhill

Ceramics artist Martina Thornhill discusses her journey through motherhood and establishing her presence as both an artist and a business in March’s Visual Arts interview.

Christina Mrozik profile
Portland artist Christina Mrozik

In this month’s Visual Arts profile, poet naturalist and surrealist illustrator Christina Mrozik discusses how she has drawn inspiration from nature, travel and humility.

Portland artist V. Rivera

With the use of monochromatic color and intricate lines, the characters in V. Rivera’s works seem to come to life with select splashes of stunning color.

Portland artist Lacey Brown

In this month’s Visual Arts profile, hairstylist Lacey Brown discusses the art of collaborating with her clients on the way to expression.

Portland Artist Maddison Bond

In November’s visual arts profile, Maddison Bond tells us why fear and the macabre inspire him.

Portland photographer Joshua Zirschky

Joshua Zirschky’s photography portrays the struggle and humanity in daily life from war-torn countries around the world. In this month’s Visual Arts profile, he tells us why the voices and experiences of people he’s crossed paths with are indispensable.

Ryan Berkley

This month’s Visual Arts feature profiles Ryan Berkley, who discusses his artistic and business partnership with his wife Lucy, his self-taught drawing style and how he deals with copycats.

Scott Erickson

In this month’s visual arts profile, we speak to Portland’s Scott Erickson about embracing live art and his use of Catholic iconography.

Portland Street Artist mr SAY

In this month’s Visual Arts feature, we talk to Portland street artist mr SAY about his craft, the shifting reputation of street art and the battle against blank concrete.

Portland artist Morgaine Faye

This month’s visual arts feature is an interview with painter, illustrator and metalsmith Morgaine Faye. She currently has work on display at The Antler Gallery, with more coming on June 30 as part of the bi-coastal “Growth/Decay” exhibition.