Mini Feature

Q&A: Patrick Haggerty of Lavender Country

At any Aug. 19 show at Turn! Turn! Turn!, we sat down with Lavender Country founder Patrick Haggerty for a talk about activism and long shots. Haggerty was the mind and voice behind what was considered to be the first gay country record in the 1970s.

Diarrhea Planet

Read our interview with Diarrhea Planet guitarist Evan Bird about the unabashed guitar band’s new album, “Turn To Gold.” Diarrhea Planet returns to Portland on Aug. 28 for Project Pabst.

Arya David Imig of Sound Judgement Record Label

2015 sees the launch of independent booker, former OPB DJ, current podcaster, perpetual music-obsessive, and…

Decibel Festival Director Sean Horton

If it is your favorite genre or not, you’re at least loosely familiar with the…


Surf music isn’t a thing of the past, and La Luz can prove it to…