Video Premiere: Bryson Cone “Destination Nightmare”

Bryson Cone’s first and only single thus far, “Destination Nightmare,” blends elements of jazz, dream…

Premiere: Mujahedeen “In America”

Portland-based Mujahedeen bring out the best of ‘90s style rock in a contemporary landscape. With…

Video Premiere: MELT “Sour Fruit”

MELT’s new album Sour Fruit (out June 30th), is a frenetic display of heavy hitting psych rockers…

Premiere: Night Heron “Vanity”

Vanity is a song about inner conflict and ego death. It’s about the high highs…

Album Review: Outer Spaces – “Gazing Globe”

Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Satalino navigates these feelings as musical moniker Outer Spaces, a solo act that has taken on a full form in its newest album Gazing Globe.

Aural Fix: IAN SWEET

Jilian Medford creates that perfect indie rock gaze sound as IAN SWEET.

Album Review: Froth – “Duress”

LA trio Froth (Joo-Joo Ashworth on vocals and guitar, Jeremy Katz on bass and guitar,…

Album Review: Pixx – “Small Mercies”

Excerpt for online: Hannah Rodgers, aka Pixx, keeps her synth-electro flare while adding some grungy edge on her second full-length album.

Aural Fix: YBN Cordae

Whether or not YBN Cordae lives up to his own hype, he certainly has promise.

Aural Fix: Connan Mockasin

Obscure notes are vital in Mockasin’s music. With funked-up beats and jazzy riffs, anyone tuned in should be ready to take off to another galaxy.