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“I Want To Be Your B” by Because

“I Want To Be Your B” by Because


For those sad that Radiation City played their last show in December, be happy that former drummer Randy Bemrose has released a solo album, I Want To Be Your B, under the alias Because. This album has allowed the talented, local artist to fully explore an experimental sound on his own. And that new path is working, because the nine songs on this album are golden. From first track, “Lock-Out Time,” to last track “U Can, U Can’t,” you will enjoy this light, reflective collection of happy, calm tunes.

Listening to I Want To Be Your B, it’s easy to become attached to Bemrose’s purring voice over lazy sounding drums and warm guitar; think the slow life on Hawaii crossed with the eccentricity of Vegas. Little by little, you start to feel more and more like his fortune teller. He reveals himself to you with catchy, repetitive vocals and electronic rifts that you wish would last forever. It’s hard to draw comparisons to his sound, as it ranges from beachy, hazy feelings on “Your Shoulder” to retro, fervent feelings on “Young Feather.”

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This album might best be enjoyed while working, lounging or studying. The production quality is promising and exciting and begs the question of when or whether we’ll get more of Because. A driving force on his own, Bemrose has delivered. They say things happen for reason. I Want To Be Your B is one of those reasons.»

– Kelly Kovl