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Marriage + Cancer 7″ Release

Marriage + Cancer 7″ Release


Marriage + Cancer describe themselves as a melodic punk band, and generally it’s easy to agree with that descriptor, especially after seeing them play live in a handful of gritty little bars around town. However, their new single, “Killjoy,” feels more reminiscent of alt-metal. From the sleepy, reverb-y vocals to the crystal-clear guitar melodies, layered over subtly mixed distortion, this song feels like a song from the past: when pop hadn’t quite snaked its way into every genre.

The “Killjoy” release also includes the B-Side, “Nothing’s Wrong When Nothing’s Real,” which is such an unexpected gem and a perfect follow-up to the single. This song speaks more to their punk-influence: sprinting ahead, fueled by frantic guitars, and frenetic rhythms. Altogether the two songs create a progressive and perfect coupling that make the prospect of their full-length album, to be released in spring 2016, an exciting one.

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– Sarah Eaton

Marriage + Cancer celebrate the release of their new 7″ with Low Culture and Dark/Light October 24 at The Know