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Allah Lahs

Allah Lahs

Allah Las Photo by Tony Accosta

Allah Las, a four member band from Los Angeles, has been producing some groovy music since 2008. Over a decade later, Miles Michaud (vocals/guitar), Matthew Correia (percussion/vocals), Spencer Dunham (bass/vocals), and Pedrum Siadatian (lead guitar/vocals) have released their fourth album, LAHS. While no one likes to get pigeonholed into one genre, Allah Las has fallen susceptible to certain labels—labels like ‘60s psychedelic rock or vintage surf rock. 

And these labels are not bad! Upon listening to their four albums, a clear distinction can be made between their 2012 self-titled debut and October’s LAHS. The pure popiness of their first album dissipates by the time LAHS—a thirteen track, stunningly chill album—kicks off. For example, the song “Prazer Em Te Conhecer” is sung sweetly in Porteguese, while another, “Royal Blues”, sounds like to could be on another album altogether. “In The Air” is akin to what one might hear on the soundtrack in a happy scene of Mad Men, with lyrics that are relevant today: “We need light/It’s far too dark/Open your eyes/Don’t lose that spark.” And sure favorite “Polar Onion” has a reminiscent tinge of older R.E.M.

On top of normal band duties, Allah Las also now owns record label, Calico Discos—its first album release from Tim Hill. No doubt, this endeavor may detract from some writing and touring, but could ultimately prove beneficial as Allah Las’ sound continues to mature. The seemingly simple songs they create are actually quite complex concoctions. While they might like to pull away from their typical vintage sound, it’s also this consistency that keeps everyone listening.