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The Handbook For The Recently Deceased asserts that the living tend to ignore the strange and unusual. This is definitely strange and unusual, but certainly not to be ignored. The Atlanta Georgia sextet known as Little Tybee has a sound all their own.

Lately it seems that record companies and the media have been fighting extra hard to steal the heart and soul from our music. Then there are bands like this that fight right back, unintimidated by formulaic norms. Their special brand of hallucinogenic folk is full of heart, and their approach is both solid and original. The brainchild of gifted frontman Brock Scott, Little Tybee furnishes an eclectic blend of uber hip, sexy jazz and gently spirited pop. Silky violin and twinkling keys round out the background while staying pleasantly present, and provide a down home familial feel.

When bands endeavor to try and create something wholly unique, there can be a tendency to overdo it and extend an air of pretense. This music has a dangerous sense of fierce adventure and unafraid experimentation, but remains low key enough for the average listener to follow along for the journey. They possess the rare ability to make technically intricate music that sounds like they are jamming on a porch on a Sunday, making it up as they go along. »

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– Aaron Mills