Charles Trowbridge


The guitar-driven hooks of England’s Telegram sound strong enough to spearhead another British Invasion. See them Dec. 10 at Crystal Ballroom.

Slow Moses

Eclectic and wholly unique, Slow Moses’ “Charity Binge” is an immersive listening experience worth every second of your time.


Two decades after Garbage was a seminal ’90s alt-rock band, they’re touring their sixth album, “Strange Little Birds,” and coming to Portland on Sept. 18. This month’s cover feature is a Q&A with drummer and producer Butch Vig on Garbage’s self-created record label, Shirley Manson speaking for the band and the evolution of alternative music.

“No Mercy In The Mountain” by Thanks

Charles Trowbridge reviews the latest record from Portland’s Thanks, ripe with oddity, power and darkness. Thanks releases “No Mercy In The Mountain” on Saturday, July 2 at Mississippi Studios.

“Breakin’ Point” by Peter Bjorn and John

Time apart served the Swedish pop trio Peter Bjorn and John well, as they return with a still-catchy, sonically broader album.


The Brazilian psychedelic quartet Boogarins opens for Dungen on Monday, May 9 at Mississippi Studios. Our Charles Trowbridge writes on their 2015 album, “Manual.”

“Synesthetica” by Radiation City

How do you know when a band has “made it?” A shiny, multi-record deal? The…

Leon Bridges

If you’ve turned on the radio at all in the last six months, chances are,…