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Old Grape God Cabernet Sayer Cover
Old Grape God ferments it all together on CABERNET SAYER

There’s a way that a sommelier can talk about wine, a kind of mystifying jumble…

Willi Northside Press Photo
Willi Northside demands we grow with his latest album, Plant the Damn Seeds

Willi Northside moves at the speed of thought, here and then gone, on his new…

Wynne DO MY OWN STUNTS album cover
Album Review – Wynne, DO MY OWN STUNTS

Wynne is back, and with her new EP, DO MY OWN STUNTS, it’s clear that…

Cover Feature: Wynne

Wynne steps in, draped in improbabilities. Portland’s best new rapper is a blonde girl from…

Interview and Album Premiere: Mic Capes “Cold Blooded”

We caught up with Mic Capes about his new project, Cold Blooded Vol. 1, growing up in St. Johns, hip-hop in Portland, and getting paid in full for your art.

“Fishing Blues” by Atmosphere

The new album from the Twin Cities hip-hop duo Atmosphere shows 20 years of kinsmanship. That can also mean a none-too-exciting comfort.

MFNW 2014

  Music festivals, for better or for worse largely come down to a few key…

From the Archives: Now Hear This

Jay-Z and Kayne West Watch the Throne Roc-A-Fella, Roc Nation, Def Jam (August 2011) Trust…