Chromeo @ Roseland Theatre 2/12/11

on March 2, 2011

Chromeo is P-Thugg and Dave 1: best friends since their adolescence, virtuoso musicians, walking hip hop encyclopedias, and the only successful Arab/Jew partnership since the dawn of human culture.

Dave 1

From entering the Roseland, one persona at the Chomeo show dominated: people who liked Chromeo, filling the floor of the sold-out theatre, occasionally pulling together for the token “Chrom-eee-oh, ooohhohhh” chant and turning the atmosphere to something like a sports arena.  This massing went on until about 9:30, at which point the lights sunk down, and the speakers started vibrating the deepest, loudest base I’ve heard.  The walls shook, the floors shook, and it was impossible for all the members of the crowd to not shake along.  Strobe lights began flashing; the duo entered and began playing Don’t Turn the Lights On.

Dave 1


Songs ranged from dancey to fun and dancey, the strobes and bass making it almost futile for even the most stoic of dragged-to-the-show audience members to not move.  To be frank, the sensation was just pretty fucking cool.  Dave 1’s vocal and guitar work expertly aligned with P-Thugg’s synth-ing, as the pair seemed to intuitively know what the other was doing,  resulting in a well put together, energetic set which, while short, thoroughly displayed Chomeo’s talent and their fans’ wild dancing skillz.

— Jen Byers

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