Death Valley Girls

on September 2, 2016
photo by Darian Zahedi

photo by Darian Zahedi

What does the world look like for you? How do you perceive what’s around you? If you’re anything like Death Valley Girls, there are planes of existence that you can peer through, tangible energies radiating off everyone in a room, a dream of getting cozy with extra-terrestrials.

In general, fans and critics alike seem to be more enamored with the personalities of Death Valley Girls than their music. And who can blame them? Music can be less of a talking point when you meet someone who idolizes Iggy Pop as a literal higher power. But their music should be a talking point, especially as they carve out a home for themselves in Burger Records‘ stacked garage-centric stable.

Burger has championed Death Valley Girls from the beginning, releasing their first ever cassette, Street Venom in 2014. Their music is an idyllic renewal of ’70s-era punk rock, a la Patti Smith, made over with elements of glam and addictive dance-pop. Their newest album, Glow in the Dark seems to be the perfect blend of all these things. Their tone is one of liberation and revitalization, making songs like “Disco” and “Death Valley Boogie” perfect for the narrative they’ve built around themselves. Dare not to feel a sense of freedom as you listen to their ultra-catchy melodies. Dare not to be mesmerized by Bonnie Bloomgarden’s overdriven, triumphant voice.

For fans who’ve discovered Death Valley Girls and can’t get enough of their message, they’ve created Cosmic Underground, a commune that brings all their beliefs together in one space. Focusing on rock ‘n’ roll, the occult and astrology, Cosmic Underground is yet another outlet for their larger than life personalities. If joining the commune feels like too much of a commitment, just listen to the titular track from Glow in the Dark to experience a greater power both spiritually and sonically.»

– Sarah Eaton

*Death Valley Girls play Mississippi Studios on Sept. 11. Tickets here.

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