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“Signs of Light” by The Head and The Heart

“Signs of Light” by The Head and The Heart

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It isn’t every day, or even every year, that a band receives almost universal acclaim for a debut album. The Head and The Heart is one of those fortunate few. Even more impressive is how well-received their sophomore album was, featuring the song “Let’s Be Still,” that’s lyrics are commonly repurposed for art prints and tattoos. At some point they were going to have to stop topping themselves. It seems with their third release, Signs of Light, they’ve reached that point.

Overtly pop-centric and lacking the soulful introspection of the previous two albums, Signs of Light opens shakily. Its radio single, “All We Ever Knew,” is pristine as a pop song, with a swelling chorus and an uncomplicated melody, but you’d have a hard time guessing it came from the same group that wrote emotionally invested and complex songs like “Lost in My Mind” and “Let’s Be Still.”

The third track of the album, “Rhythm & Blues,” is where they hit their stride, striking a balance between carefree pop and their distinct, earthy voice. Just as filled with hummable hooks as every previous release, the rest of the album is strong. Highlights include “Library Magic” and “Take a Walk.” That said, Signs of Light won’t necessarily sit easily with devoted The Head and The Heart fans, even if these new songs are always stuck in their heads.»

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– Sarah Eaton