“The Up Here Place” By Look Vibrant

on March 5, 2018

As the wailing eclectic collection that Look Vibrant has put together all the way from their home of Montreal, Canada comes into a noise-clamored expression, the band’s first full-length release drops with an unmistakable energy that is hot and ready to devour. The Up Here Place is charged with strange yet uplifting vibes from start to finish. Notable tunes such as “My Nerves” are prepped and delivered in the atmosphere of a truly out-there music video filled with Cheerios, birthday cake and Cheetos, while the high-pitched vocals strike a conceptualization of drugs and confused delirium. The album clangs and crashes throughout with gems like “Cauliflower,” showcasing the creativity and near absurdity of the record. The lyrics “I’ve been unhealthy and I’m craving a pastry,” take shape around delicate yet wobbly guitar riffs while explosive high pitched vocals interject, continually morphing into distorted croons that dissipate into an innocent and uplifting sanity.

This album has the aspects of an emotionally reckless and beautifully unique circus. There is an undeniable originality that at some points seems to be overwhelming, but as soon as this sentiment is felt the direction sways into a redeeming and curious continuum. Look Vibrant has accomplished a truly original and complex dynamic that is sure to draw in curiosity and respect from the indie/noise scene.

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