Literary Arts

Portland writer and publisher Laura Stanfill

In this month’s Literary Arts interview, we discuss community and publishing with Laura Stanfill from Forest Avenue Press.

Oregon writer Eliot Treichel

In this month’s Literary Arts profile, we talk with Oregon Book Award finalist Eliot Treichel about Y.A. literature and dirty realism.

Portland writer and musician Nathan Carson

March’s Literary Arts story spotlights Nathan Carson. Read on for his thoughts on the deep Oregon woods, his new book “Starr Creek,” and “Stranger Things.”

jim newman profile
Portland writer and broadcaster Jim Newman

In this month’s literary arts profile, we talk to Portland author Jim Newman about how his work as a television journalist on WCCO-TV and OPB informs his satirical novels.

Portland author Michael Heald

In this month’s literary arts section, Michael Heald, owner of Perfect Day Publishing and author of “Goodbye to the Nervous Apprehension,” discusses what it takes to run an independent press, how to curate a novel, and his writing as an essayist and a journalist.

Portland writer Kait Heacock

In this month’s literary arts interview, writer Kait Heacock discusses her acute examinations of family in her new short story collection, admiring Raymond Carver, and aiming to make a mark in Pacific Northwest literature.

Portland Author Casey Jarman

In November’s literary arts profile, we talk to Casey Jarman, the author of “Death: An Oral History.” In his new book, Jarman explores our cultural anxiety about death, how it clashes with capitalism and what renowned writers and thinkers told him about the ultimate existential subject.

Portland writer Martha Grover

A keen observer of Portland life, writer Martha Grover discusses her new book “The End of My Career” and her deep love for Sandy River in this month’s literary arts profile.

Author Gina Ochsner

In this month’s Literary Arts profile, we talk to Oregon writer Gina Ochsner. Her new novel, The Hidden Letters of Velta B., weaves an intricate and multi-generational tapestry of Latvian history, folklore and magic.

Alexis M. Smith

This month’s literary arts profile spotlight Alexis M. Smith. We talk to the Portland author about her new novel “Marrow Island,” the beauty of Puget Sound and the importance of small presses.