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Land of Talk plays the Mission Theater; May 9th, 2024

Land of Talk plays the Mission Theater; May 9th, 2024

Land of Talk, the indie rock band hailing from Quebec, took center stage at Portland’s beloved Mission Theater on May 9th. The band started off the set with their song, “Your Beautiful Self,” captivating the audience with their electrifying yet calming stage presence.

The crowd was swept up in lead singer and guitarist Elizabeth Powell’s dynamic voice, soaking in every perfectly-tuned note. Powell showcased their exceptional vocal range, delivering each lyric with precision and passion.

The group as whole has a magnetic presence, drawing the audience into the heart of every song. The bands’ seamless blend of indie rock melodies and meaningful lyrics created an atmosphere that was both invigorating and introspective. From the anthemic chorus of their song “Loving” to the intimate ballad “Footnotes,” Land of Talk demonstrated their versatility and musicianship throughout the set. Land of Talk’s performance at the Mission Theater was a testament to their status as one of indie rocks most promising acts. With their infectious energy and undeniable talent, Land of Talk is an absolute must see.

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Shot and written by Mady Mackey