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Dustin Mills

Dustin Mills

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our co-founder and creative director, Dustin Mills.

Born in Guam and raised in Portland circa age 3, he has always been an incredible component of our local music scene, sometimes in a band (The Mello Outs, Westfold, Tiger House, Mere Mention) but usually behind-the-scenes. He was akin to Kamaji in the boiler room from Spirited Away, always working on something, selflessly, for the greater good. His kindness and humor will be greatly missed.

Designer, Musician, Brother, Son, Badmintoneer, Friend: thank you for your time here and the love that you created. “For the glory!”

ELEVEN PDX was conceived with friends on a night like this, one of many, many silly and beautiful hangouts on the back patio of the Moonbase (Dustin’s house):

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