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Dirty Revival Release Self-Titled Debut

Dirty Revival Release Self-Titled Debut

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Combining the gospel, jazz and doo-wop sounds of soul, and the stylized rhythmic sounds of hip-hop, Portland band Dirty Revival’s self-titled debut full-length album is something to celebrate. The group features reverberant and resonating front woman Sarah Clarke, Evan “evv’n’flo” Simko (M.C., guitar), Terry Drysdale (drums), Karl Ludwigsen (keyboards), and Jon Shaw (bass), and the five deliver a record that can only be described as Aretha Franklin meets Stevie Wonder meets Sharon Jones meets Fugees, and others alike. Dirty Revival is a mixture of influences and personalities.

There are cues from ’70s, ’80s and ’90s pop that are all tied together with classic soul, and while there’s obvious throwback to the origins of the genre, the album doesn’t completely emulate the style. All five members’ voices are contained and felt within the sounds of each song as it’s wholly an honest album. It wavers between snappy, fun party jams that you have to get up and dance to, to fierce political anthems that are rich with statements delivered by languorous, almost tortured vocals. Dirty Revival is a feel-good soul-hop album that is eclectic, empowering, uplifting, and is a clear representation of the identity of the group. »

– Samantha Lopez

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Dirty Revival will celebrate the release of the record September 11 at Mississippi Studios