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Glass Candy / Chromatics / Desire @ Branx 01/14/12

Glass Candy / Chromatics / Desire @ Branx 01/14/12

It’s hard telling when full size cardboard boxes are going to be happily pushed around above the crowd like a beach ball at a local show.  But last night at Branx it did happen at Mike Simonetti’s (of the Italians Do It Better label) Sweet Sixteen Party bonanza featuring Portland bred Desire, Chromatics and Glass Candy.

Desire got the party started, but it was the ethereal vocals of Ruth Radelet of the Chromatics that managed to get everyone to finally uncross their arms.  They saved one of their best for last, “Running Up That Hill,” and as soon as it started the crowd did not want it to stop. Luckily, three-way band member Johnny Jewel is a workhorse and was able to keep the celebration frenetic with Glass Candy.  The dazzling Ida No, in all her barefoot glory, relished in getting up in the front-rower’s faces.  After several apologies that she wouldn’t be back to Portland for two months, she let chaos reign on her stage, maxing out its capacity with birthday party guests.

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images used Courtesy of Harry Smith Archives

Glitter would have been preferable to rain down on the remaining crowd, but instead the boxes that displayed the band’s names were dismantled and tossed gleefully (albeit, confusingly) around until most of them came to rest in the middle of the dance floor. Regardless, the sold out party was a delectable auditory treat and the city eagerly awaits the trio’s return.

Story and photos by Kelly Kovl