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KPSU Kruise II 05/10/2013

KPSU Kruise II 05/10/2013

KPSU rocks the boat with local-artist driven “kruises” on The Portland Spirit, in which passengers board for a party that helps to raise funds for the university station’s very own FM signal. Last Friday’s event came at the end of an 85 degree day, and a leisurely late-night cruise with a couple of Portland’s finest up-and-coming seemed an ideal way to cool down and start the weekend.

First to the deck was sextet Grandparents, with feathers hanging from guitars, and saturated sounds that all at once rise and rock, while being completely at ease and blissful, perfect for setting sail with friends.  After a bit of an intermission, Dorian Duvall, better known as Onuinu, set up to take the stage. The sound-check was a bit chaotic and stretched into the set-time, leaving enough room for about three songs of ambient electronics, crowd-pleasing dance-beats, and the driving force of live drums. Onuinu also picked up his guitar, and is rumored to be working a heavier rock, guitar driven sound on new tracks.
KPSU is likely to take advantage of this unique venue for fair weather good times that showcase local music and support their station and students. So here’s the thing: You will be in a limited space on the water for a few hours–once you are on the boat you are committed!  Please don’t throw your cups or ciggy butts overboard. There is plenty of room to dance so go ahead. Drinks aren’t cheap, but a bottle of champagne as you glide under the city’s bridges and cheer to hear the echo is sooo worth it.
Words by Brandy Crowe. Photos by Eric Hanson.