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Lose Yr Mind Fest

Lose Yr Mind Fest

This year marks the fourth for local music festival LOSE YR MIND.  While the festival has evolved to bigger venues, they are still very much DIY and use their Facebook page to inquire the community for everything from last minute food trucks to where to find the best tent discounts. The festival, previously held at Audio Cinema, has now moved to The North Warehouse which sits on N. interstate Ave and fairly close to the Willamette. Elizabeth Elder is the founder of the festival spearhead of the LYM brand. Additionally, Elder also books talent for The Liquor Store, hosts Borrowed Time on XRAY.FM and is a.k.a. PB1 of the podcast Party Boyz [Soundclound]. LOSE YR MIND has a very simple, altruistic mission, which is keep it DIY and keep it local. (Are the two not different sides of the same coin?) The festival embodies this mission on through their lineup and via their website. They have a page dedicated to the local businesses that they team up with and they encourage all visitors to support these brands. LOSE YR MIND is also hoping to make the festival all ages next year, which is always a significant challenge.

Lose Yr Mind 2017

The music itself is a mix of local and national acts. Among the locals are The Ghost Ease, which is making a return. They last played the festival in its inaugural year, 2014. Other local acts featured are Lithics (who are coming off a set at Project Pabst), Public Eye, Black Water Holy Light, and Night Heron. They’ve also got our neighbors from the north (Washington, NOT Alaska, I’m getting loose with the metaphors now) Chastity Belt and Darto. So who are the heavy hitters, the headliners?? WAND, Twin Peaks, and Tacocat. Now, Twin Peaks actually make a lot of sense (not just for their sound, LOSE YR MIND is a psyche minded festival) but also because some of the boyos from the windy city actually attended Evergreen State for about a semester or so. Seattle’s Tacocat is, well, Tacocat.

So come on down, (or up depending on where you’re located in the city) and get weird this weekend at LOSE YR MIND FEST. [Tickets on Eventbrite]

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