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What’s Going On: 6/29 – 7/6

What’s Going On: 6/29 – 7/6

1.  Bare Wires w/ Outdoorsmen and Taxi Boys
Where:  East End
How Much:  $8 (+21)
When:  Thursday, June 30th
Why:  Matthew Melton has been kicking out the jams for the better part of a decade.  Originally from Memphis, Melton moved to Oakland where his solo efforts brought on projects like Snake Flower 2 and Bare Wires.  The latter is the finest power-pop glam/punk you’ll hear out of Oakland.  Keep your ears peeled for new songs from their third album due out later this year!

2.  “Girl Trouble”:  All-Female Powerhaus Dance Party
Where:  Holocene
How Much:  $3/$10 (+21)
When:  Friday, July 1st
Why:  Half a dozen of Portland’s female DJs spinning girl group gems!  DJ Honey O (of the Miracles Club), DJ Patricia Furpurse (of Soft Metals), DJ Linger (Genevieve of Linger & Quiet), DJ L-Train (Liz Wallenberg), DJ Cuica (Karen of Mississippi Records, and DJ Linoleum (Andrea K).  $3 for the ladies, $3 for men accompanied by ladies, and $10 for unaccompanied dudes!

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3.  Modest Mouse w/ Talkdemonic
Where:  Edgefield
How Much:  $44(adv)/$48
When:  Saturday, July 2nd
Why:  Has it really been 3 years since Isaac and company last played their (our) fair city?  Perhaps Mr. Brock has been busy with Glacial Pace Recordings, who just welcomed Talkdemonic to their family.  Tickets are a bit pricy (ok, way over-priced), but if you can swing it you’ll still get out early enough to catch an evening of the Blues Festival on the waterfront!

Still no plans for the 4th?  Have a great time at the Hempstead World Music Festival, July 4th @ the Washington Park Rose Gardens Amphitheatre!