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Album Review: “Volcano” by The Get Ahead

Album Review: “Volcano” by The Get Ahead


While reviving rich sounds of the past, there are a lot of influences pushing them. The punk and rock backgrounds of their bassist and drummer quicken “Dollars to Doughnuts” and the come-hither track “Too Hot.” “Earn It” has a groovy disco feel. Then they charge in with dirty, deep bass, tambourine, and southern gospel on the unashamed “Little Devil.”

Earle and Howard share vocals, both together and each in their own stories, and it’s not just ‘oh baby’ and ‘honey child.’ There is some beautiful imagery of day to life and wanting to burn off some steam in the songwriting. There are Earle’s outcries on “Face Up,” and Juliet’s recount of waking up on a train station bench in “No One Even Knows.”

Songs showcase tenderness and city corner style sax on the pining “Moonstricken,” and Earle rasps “Ain’t no thunder in my chest” though the psych tendencies of title track “Volcano.” One of the big movers here is Steve Sevrin, tunking and rolling his baritone sax for the booty shaking “Take A Shine,” possibly one of the sweetest, funkiest valentines, ever. »

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– Brandy Crowe