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“Certainty Waves” by The Dodos

“Certainty Waves” by The Dodos


Live in Portland October 26, 2018 | Star Theater

The Dodos, having started as an indie duo in 2005, have explored many acoustic realms and wild beats. This newest album Certainty Waves is no different. Starting with a splash, first track “Forum” shows remnants of the indie folk heyday of the mid-2000s, with a fresh drop of dissonance and color. With an Animal Collective-esque cacophony of sound, it’s hard to believe the songs stem just from Meric Long and Logan Kroeber.

While some tracks on the album, like “Center Of,” feel very folk-influenced, repping slow melodic acoustic guitar and smooth vocals, other songs like “Ono Fashion,” “IF” and “Forum” feature a heavier influence, electronic elements and chaotic drum beats. Kroeber’s drumming is magnetic, utilizing stronger beats on the toms and rimshots for a loud, clattering effect. While Long is known primarily for his acoustic guitar playing, there appears to be an electric emergence paired with discordant and heavy riffs. Dreamy, catchy and wildly symphonic, Long and Kroeber have created a whirlwind of an album.  

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An indie-rock must have, Certainty Waves debuts October 12, followed by a US tour kicking off in San Francisco and stopping in Portland at the Star Theater on October 26.