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“Idiot” by And And And

“Idiot” by And And And

Live in Portland February 16, 2018 | Doug Fir

And And And is the brainchild of five Portland-based extraordinary minds who joined forces in 2009 to become a badass entity that creates some “strut to the beat of your own drum” type of music. They’ve been compared to Modest Mouse and The Kinks in the past. They’ve drawn inspiration from bands like YES, The Clash and Pink Floyd. But to be honest, And And And pulls from the melting pot of life to bring the world extremely innovative music, which has brought us to their latest album titled, Idiot.

After releasing The Failure in 2015, And And And has followed up their latest project with Idiot– a deeper excursion into the battle with depression and disappointment. Idiot dissects the direct message of failure and depression and turns it into anger, passion and healing.

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The guitar-riff heavy, raspy croon ridden tracks go through emotions of anger, disbelief and triumph. From “Get Off My Lawn,” to the oddly high-spirited “Lonely Life,” to the quirky “I Thought That I Thought the Thought,” And And And brings passion, lyricism and a sound that brings light to dark issues.

After listening to Idiot–a unique journey of forgiveness from a band that’s so hard to put into words (think Strokes, White Stripes, Kinks, Allah Las and beyond)–I’ve come to realize that songs like opening track, “Get Off My Lawn,” to the closing track “I’m Not Looking,” take the listeners on a journey through the ingenious minds of the five masterminds that embody And And And.