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“Let’s Make Love” by Brazilian Girls

“Let’s Make Love” by Brazilian Girls

On “The Critic, released as a single in 2016, Brazilian Girls lead singer Sabina Sciubba advises, “Listen to the music/Don’t play the critic.” That track leads off this month’s new full-length and long awaited fourth album, Let’s Make Love, which was recorded around the world over the past few years with long-time producer Frederik Rubens. The album follows their last LP, New York City, released a decade ago, as well as a solo album by Sciubba (Toujours) in 2014. Followers will love this collection of 13 new songs, and new fans will be impressed by this otherworldly collaboration of musicians. Close your eyes and pick a track, because they all get you to move or feel something good somehow.

Brazilian Girls has this way of just being random, but also being completely right. Threads of punk, house, tango, reggae and jazz permeate throughout the album, creating a paradoxical sound that is both old and new at the same time. Sciubba brings new dimensions to their sound when she sings in Italian, Spanish, or any of her six languages. No matter the vernacular, she has a distinct singing style. The message of this album is written in its title; A simple, poignant statement to make love. That’s all you need to know, now and forever.

While all the tracks are enjoyable, it was one of the final songs that sent me over the edge. “Impromptu” is this powerful, addicting anthem that starts off stating that “Profit is your religion.” I liked it so much I listened to it 11 times in a row. Unable to find the lyrics, I just made them up as I sang along. Other notable tracks include “Wild Wild Web,” which is super danceable, synthy and relevant; and “Looking for Love,” a catchy, hopeful and shoulder-shaking number.

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This album is a great choice for many occasions, like cleaning your apartment, making love or any movement-related activity. Brazilian Girls are consistent in their ability to create new music on a whim. This feel-good album is the best complement to the Spring season. 11/10, would recommend.