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“Look What You Found” by Cat Hoch

“Look What You Found” by Cat Hoch


Cat Hoch’s first EP Look What You Found was pieced together from her melodies, lyrics, and with help from producer and musician Riley Geare. The recording is atmospheric with a futuristic psychedelia, full of filtering and tweaked noises like feedback and subtle vinyl crackles. However, the echoing is offset with the element of dreggy rock.

The four track record opens with title track “Look What You Found,” which introduces Hoch’s guitar style and strong feminine voice (calling to mind Cat Power) explored through layered harmonies. Instead of Cat behind the kit, Geare offered his percussion talent for each song except “Celestian,” which begins and ends with Hoch lulling, but has a space-disco center that breaks into complete guitar and bass jams (also played by Hoch). Although it’s on top of popping lounge sounds and crooning vocals, “Losin’ It” has an edge of defiance that gives way to epiphany as she calms to “I’ve got to let go if you’re holdin on.” This first release ends with the emotional acoustic and fuzzed out “Archer,” which brings in dramatic piano from UMO’s Quincy McCrary.

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Given that Hoch is a multi-tasker that is doing a lot of inspired writing, this is likely only the beginning of what she has to offer. »

– Brandy Crowe