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“My Favourite Faded Fantasy” by Damien Rice

“My Favourite Faded Fantasy” by Damien Rice


After eight years of relative isolation from the public eye, Damien Rice has finally emerged with a new album. Much like O, there are moments of sparseness followed by lush orchestral finales in this latest record. Damien has always been skilled in building his songs up from the ground to a higher plane.

On My Favourite Faded Fantasy he has teamed up with Rick Rubin to create something new, yet very familiar. Missing is Lisa Hannigan, who split with Damien on tour back in ‘03 and moved on with her own solo career. Her absence is felt in the lyrics, and her voice definitely missed, but the new songs do not disappoint. “I Don’t Want To Change You” is a sonic masterpiece with Damien’s emotive vocals paired with gorgeous strings. “Colour Me In” feels like the musical continuation of “Older Chests” from his debut album, like picking up a decade old conversation with an old friend.

There’s always been that deeply melancholic feeling to Damien Rice’s music that somehow is uplifting instead of depressing. It’s quite obvious that our Irish poet has been doing some serious introspection over the years and is not afraid to share it with the world. Welcome back, Damien. We’ve missed you. »

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