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“Green Twins” by Nick Hakim

“Green Twins” by Nick Hakim

Three years in the making, the much-anticipated debut full-length from Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Nick Hakim is here. Green Twins follows up on a pair of self-released EPs, and the experimental LP is an intoxicating cocktail filled with layers of soul, jazz and R&B.

The title track begins the record with soulful and haunting lyrics. Lo-fi recording adds to the bedroom sound of Hakim swallowing and licking his lips, and the way he harmonizes with himself is a delightful trick on your senses. Hakim further pulls the listener in with the lead single ”Bet She Looks Like You.” It vibes on early Unknown Mortal Orchestra with a dash of Beach House. Hakim croons, “If there’s a god, I wonder what she looks like/I bet she looks like you/I bet she looks like you.”

“Miss Chew” features the saxophonic magic of Jesse and Forever with jazzy horns and vocals that hit you deep in your bones. Like most of the album, this song begs to be heard on a nice pair of headphones. Then, there’s “Slowly,” which starts off, well, slowly. Hakim’s vocals, accompanied by an acoustic guitar, build upon layer after layer to amass in a head-shaking, foot-tapping upbeat tune. A lot is going on, but every little piece fits the puzzle.

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Green Twins is the best debut album this music-loving writer has heard in a long time. Do yourself a favor and pick it up, close your eyes and prepare for musical goosebumps to crawl up your arms and take over your body.»

-Wendy Worzalla