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“Savage Coast” by No Kind Of Rider

“Savage Coast” by No Kind Of Rider

There is something nostalgic yet futuristic about No Kind Of Rider’s debut album, Savage Coast. Starting off on the ambient side, the album seamlessly transforms into a more somber tone on “Time is Unkind.” Heavy on guitar and something like looped synths in the back, the track unfolds layers of emotion, which are carried by a subtle, yet groovy guitar riff.

“Interlude” is a trippy, bass-heavy track that sounds much like a scratched record at first but then turns jazzy on you. And just when things couldn’t get more pleasantly trippy, chime-like synths come in. It’s not often an interlude is a highlight of the album. Sure, the tempo slows down some on this track but no momentum is lost whatsoever.

Title track, “Savage Coast,” is a journey. It is a whirlwind of instrumentals that are chaotic in the most cathartic way, and at the epicenter is the guitar riff keeping everything in motion.

When listening to “Intermission,” tell me there isn’t something eclectically and intergalactically badass about the brief track.

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“Dreams” is the kind of entrancing song that unknowingly sweeps you into a state of lucid dreaming, while on “Old Times,” the album reaches peak nostalgia, as No Kind Of Rider reflects on a past romance. Although this track features more mellow instrumentation, intricacy is found within the reminiscent lyrics.

Translating sound into imagery, Savage Coast is like a futuristic romance set to ambient rock. The ensemble shows they can lay out solid riffs and melodies while still indulging listeners with some more experimental sounds.