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“Snares Like A Haircut” by No Age

“Snares Like A Haircut” by No Age

Live in Portland February 22, 2018 | Mississippi Studios
with Flesh World and Antlr’d

LA noise-rock/punk duo No Age are set to release their fourth studio album, Snares Like A Haircut, this month on Chicago’s Drag City records. It’s their first release in five years, and their first since parting ways with Sub Pop. Their album bio offers some conscious insight on how they feel about the songs: “Rock and roll for the black hole–reimagined rippers, for the misfits that 2017 couldn’t kill to blast under the shadow of the big boot and beyond the glow of the chemical horizon. This is driving music, and you’re the designated shotgun rider–get in!”

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Lead single “Soft Collar Fad” is true to their noise-rock sound while literally trying to shake the listener awake with hammering drums, rough, scuzzed-out guitars and pulsing feedback. On the other end of the spectrum, “Send Me” offers a more laid-back, psychedelic instrumentation that carries drummer/vocalist Dean Spunt’s playful, slacker-style vocal delivery. Immediately following, title track “Snares Like A Haircut” is one of two instrumentals on the album and arguably the most beautiful sounding with its ambient electronic experimentation. Snares Like A Haircut is a strong release and showcases No Age’s ability to be much more than just a punk band.