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"To The Recently Found Innocent" by White Fence

"To The Recently Found Innocent" by White Fence

White FenceGarage rock cannot be stopped. In the past four years, Tim Presley has released five studio albums under the moniker White Fence. In many genres, it seems that the DIY nature of bedroom projects in their early stages give way to over-produced, synth-heavy pop that has no remnants of what made the music so great in the first place.

Tim Presley still writes at home, still records songs on a 4-track in his bedroom, and churns out incredible garage psych album after album. For The Recently Found Innocent begins with Presley crooning in the distance over a disjointed guitar lick, slow thumping bass line, and some wacky circuit sounds that would have no place “recently found” if they weren’t disjointed in such an incredibly poignant way. Presley ends the tune repeating the line “This is for the innocent” several times, which ends abruptly before launching into “Anger! Who Keeps You Under?”—a garage banger that requires listening in a busted ass El-Camino with no heater on a 95-degree day.

For The Recently Found Innocent boasts fourteen tracks in total, and while many of the songs are quick and to the point, Tim Presley gives himself loads of room in pockets throughout the album. Tim Presley and White Fence offer an intelligent, fun, and fantastic composition here. The album continues Presley’s upward trajectory as one of the prominent figures in garage rock. Fortunately, at the rate White Fence puts out records, we won’t have to wait more than a few months for another. »

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