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Aural Fix – Goth Babe

Aural Fix – Goth Babe

Griffin Washburn is the man behind the moniker Goth Babe—a solo project that came about when Washburn was 18-years-old, writing songs in his college dorm room. In 2015, Goth Babe released its first EP, Fuzz Ghost, where Washburn introduced his signature DIY style: distorted vocals, lo-fi guitars and all the reverb. Since the raw garage surf-rock debut of Fuzz Ghost, Washburn has made some major life changes and we’ve witnessed Goth Babe’s sound evolve throughout the years. 

Originally from Tennessee, Washburn spent some time living in Nashville, New York City and Los Angeles before making the decision to head up to Oregon and live nomadically out of his truck with his dog, Sadie. To carry-on with Goth Babe’s “do it yourself” ways, Washburn created a studio in the back of his camper that’s hooked up to 100 watts of solar power so he can continue to write, produce and release new music on his own. The new minimalistic and free way of living, and his unmatched love for nature and exploring the outdoors through hiking, surfing and skiing has allowed Goth Babe to create psychedelic, dreamy indie-pop that’s just good for the soul.

Goth Babe’s latest EP, Smith Rock, is an ode to the Oregon State Park that holds a special place in the vagabond musician’s heart. “Her Vacation”, released as a single this past year, is filled with psych vocals, infectious synths and plenty of layered samples. The hypnotic layering in the production of “Colours” paired with a lush vocal delivery from Washburn is enough to melt anyone right into their seat. The thrilling dream-pop tune, “Little Colorful Mind”, travels through a toe-tappin’, unpredictable musical experience to round out Smith Rock perfectly. 

As Washburn says in his bio, “Goth Babe is just Griffin Washburn enjoying himself.” Goth Babe’s sound is so warm and dreamlike that it’ll take you on an incomparable musical journey you won’t forget.

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